One of the challenges WETT (Wood Energy Technology Transfer)
faces is trying to help homeowners understand what WETT actually is and does.

Most homeowners have never heard about WETT before their insurance company requested that they
have their appliance WETT inspected for a new insurance policy instatement or insurance policy renewal.

Click to Expand or Close - What is WETT?

WETT (Wood Energy Technology Transfer) is a training organization.

WETT trains people who wish to get involved with the sale, installation, inspection and maintenance of
"wood" heating appliances. Once people complete the training program and acquire enough experience,
they become WETT certified in the specific area for which they sought training.

WETT certification implies that they have met the educational and experience requirements.

WETT currently does not prescribe any specific inspection processes.
Inspections are completed by members for a variety of purposes including insurance requirements,
code compliance, emissions control, safety and checking for signs of deterioration or malfunction.

Inspections are one of many services performed by WETT certified professionals.

Click to Expand or Close - Can the "installation" or the "appliance" can be WETT certified?

Neither the "installation" or the "appliance" can be WETT certified.

They can, however, be inspected for a variety of purposes,
but there is no such thing as a WETT certified installation or appliance.

An appliance can be inspected, installed and even maintained by a WETT certified professional,
but it cannot be WETT certified. What is issued, is an inspection report by someone who is WETT certified.

Only a certification agency such as ULC, CSA or ITS (WH)
can test and list wood burning appliances and venting systems.

Click to Expand or Close - For what reasons can a WETT inspection be requested?

There are a variety of reasons a WETT inspection may be requested.

These may include:
a) Inspection for insurance policy renewal,
b) An appliance has been replaced,
c) A system component (chimney, venting, etc.) has been replaced,
d) Pre-purchase home inspection purposes
(required for financing, purchase protection),
e) Post-purchase inspection purposes
(new insurance policy requirement, personal knowledge),
f) There is a system performance issue,
g) There are visible signs of damage

Click to Expand or Close - How a WETT Inspection can benefit a new home purchase or sale?

Typically for an Insurance Company to either renew or issue a new insurance policy for a structure with a solid fuel burning appliance installed, the system will be required to pass a WETT S.I.T.E.®™ Level 1 Inspection.

It can be quite an expense to a consumer, if a solid fuel burning system fails inspection.

To protect themselves we recommend that consumers purchasing a new property with a solid fuel burning appliance installed include a “subject to clause” in their offer to purchase, that the system must pass a WETT inspection.

If the purchaser did not include a subject to clause in their offer to purchase, lending institutions
could approve financing subject to the system passing a WETT Inspection, protecting their customer.

A seller of a property may well expedite the sale of their property by having the system pre-inspected.

Click to Expand or Close - How long is a WETT S.I.T.E. Inspection report valid for?

The nature of any inspection report is that it records what was seen at the time of the inspection.

After completing an inspection report and leaving the premises, the inspector has no control over,
nor knowledge of, any changes that may take place on a wood-burning appliance installation.

Consequently, an inspection report can only warrant what was seen and recorded at the time of the inspection.

Click to Expand or Close - What is the cost of a WETT Inspection?

Unfortunately there is no fixed cost for a WETT S.I.T.E.®™ Inspection.

The cost of the WETT S.I.T.E.®™ Inspection will depend on these factors:
1) the WETT S.I.T.E.®™ Level of the Inspection,
2) the distance required to travel to perform the inspection,
3) the time required on site performing the inspection, which is affected by:
a) the type of appliance being inspected,
b) the type of chimney or exhaust vent the appliance is connected to, and
c) any additional reports required for site installed components such as:
ceiling shields, wall shields and rated floor protection.
4) any additional research the inspector may have to do to determine the specifications
of the system components, if adequate documentation has not been provided or available.

By filling out the “Request a WETT S.I.T.E.®™ Estimate / Inspection Form”
with as much information as you can accurately provide,
we will then provide you with an estimate for the cost of the inspection.

Click to Expand or Close - How I can verify someone is WETT certified?

It is important to note that WETT certifies individuals, not companies.

Companies may advertise that they have WETT certified people on staff.

When contacting companies you should make it clear that you are looking for
a WETT certified individual to complete work on your behalf.

You can verify that someone is certified by checking the WETT Inc. website
or by calling the WETT Inc. office at (800)358-9388

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